Press Releases

October, 2014

The Cristal Festival.

The Cristal Festival celebrates and inspires creativity in advertising, marketing, brand entertainment, digital, design and film craft. Since its creation in 2001, it has been the leading event for creative advertising industry, bringing together a mixed jury of international agencies and major international advertisers. The Cristal Festival is a place where communication leaders unite to exchange, network, learn and be inspired

July, 2013

Effie Worldwide continues global expansion with the launch of Effie Asia-Pacific.

Mary Lee Keane, President of Effie Worldwide, announced as part of Effie's global expansion, the launch of the Effie Asia Pacific program, in partnership with the Confederation of Asian Advertising Agencies Association (C4As). Effie Worldwide is known globally as the leading champion of marketing effectiveness.

August, 2011

CAAAA joins I-COM as Global Patronage Organisation .

Further, CAAAA will conduct seminars, workshops, colloquiums and conferences across various countries through identified thought leaders and professionals, who will help raise the bar of excellence in the industry.