CAAAA has been focused on three important initiatives

Examining a possible initiative for the industry to move from using the description 'agent/agency' - which prima facie describes the business function as being transaction - related - to a nomenclature more in line with a professional organization. Various business formats have been discussed ranging from calling the industry 'advertising/communication consultants' to 'advertising companies'. CAAAA is now engaged in the process of striving for consensus on this matter.

With the advent of unbundling, agencies have seen their remuneration drop. The advertiser is engaging the agency for specific services and negotiating remuneration for a reduced level of service. The role played by agencies as brand custodians in some cases have been taken over by other consultants or by the product management teams in the advertiser organizations. CAAAA is engaged in developing specific ideas that would help agencies to move up in the value chain for advertisers, to remunerate the agencies better.

CAAAA recognizes that the above two aspects can go hand-in-hand only if additional talent is constantly added and the available talent is further nurtured. To this end, CAAAA is considering encouraging the setting up of postgraduate education on communications in various countries and will also help develop distance learning e-platforms on integrated marketing communications. Further, CAAAA will conduct seminars, workshops, colloquiums and conferences across various countries through identified thought leaders and professionals, who will help raise the bar of excellence in the industry.