CAAAA  the driving force of Asian advertising

CAAAA is a unique institution. It is an amalgam of the interests of only one interest group - advertising companies or advertising agencies, as they are interchangeably referred to by many in the industry and media. It was founded on the principle that advertising agencies have a specific business interest, which is distinct from that of advertisers and media owners. While, advertisers, media and agencies together constitute the advertising industry, advertising companies/agencies are often under pressure from advertisers to reduce their compensation; and media owners look to directly dealing with advertisers, bypassing the advertising agencies. The issues facing the agencies are therefore peculiar and need to be addressed by them collectively. CAAAA has taken on the role of shaping the future of the Asian agencies and through them aims to be a catalyst to grow the advertising business itself.

CAAAA was formally registered as a Society in Singapore on October 20, 2007. The day-to-day activities of CAAAA are governed by the Executive Committee and all principal decisions are taken at the General Meetings attended by members twice a year.